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KISS IT Business Services are aimed at small to medium sized businesses.  Whether you are one person working from home, or you run a business with 100 staff, KISS IT can tailor make an IT solution for you.

Many people know the KISS principle and that is what we practise. So here at KISS IT we try to “Keep IT Solutions Simple”. We combine technical expertise, experience, know-how, honour, integrity, punctuality, and the ability to communicate in plain English, to provide you with the best service possible. Our team is made up of expert people who love what they do; we know their passion to help people gives us the cutting edge in the market.

What We Offer

Servers & Workstations

Although servers can provide a multitude of functions, typically for small to medium sized businesses, a server would be utilised in the following ways:

Central file storage

A central file storage system allows you to organise folders in a logical hierarchy to allow your team to locate files they need quickly and also allows one central access point for files ensuring that multiple people can access the same documents, decreasing the risk of double ups.  Also, hard drive technologies in servers deliver lower failure rates.


Backups are necessary to protect your company’s critical data and running backups off a central storage server is much more efficient than running backups on multiple individual computers.

Email and Collaboration

Having your own in-house email server provides additional functionality with features like Meeting Scheduling.   Meeting Scheduling allows you to see everyone’s current calendar to help organise team meetings quickly and efficiently.

Network Printer Sharing

A server can provide a centralised printer sharing system that is not dependent in individual work stations, and is always available to all workstations.


Servers can provide a network firewall, which provides another layer of security, plus also allows for secure remote access connections.

Remote Connection

Remote Connection allows your team to access the server from anywhere, securely, using a VPN system, just like if they were right there in the office.


Servers provide security for all user accounts and file accessing so that your most important, sensitive and private company data remains protected.  Access for different users can be controlled and limited as required.

Flexibility to expand when your business grows

A properly implemented server will allow your network to easily adapt to incorporate new features, functions and technology as they become available and as your business grows to require them.

Remote Support

Kiss IT offer remote support, which is perfect for resolving small issues such virus and spyware issues, computers running slower than they should be, or Windows problems, when an onsite visit is not possible.

A qualified technician will connect to your desktop or laptop computer through the Internet, and you can watch all the work happen on your own screen as we take control of your machine, and get it up and running again.

Website Packages

KISS IT can provide website packages for your business including web design, web hosting and email hosting.

We have many options for you to choose from and we can help you find the right solution for your business requirements.

Mobile Solutions

Get the most out of your mobile phone. Smartphones, iPhone, Android, Nokia or Windows Mobile, are basically portable computers so if you want to be able to receive your email and sync your calendars from your personal computer or even an exchange server KISS IT can help you get it sorted.

Laptop/Notebook Repair Specialists

Our specialist has over 15 years experience and 10 years certified in most major name branded models such as Compaq, HP, Sony, IMB/Lenovo, Apple and Toshiba.

KISS IT can supply parts and repair most major name brand units out of warranty or can assist with insurance claims on damaged units. We work on both home and business units.

We also offer assessments on units needing repair, so you can be assured if your repair is economical. All repair work is completed in-house and repairs are usually completed within the week, sometimes even quicker.

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