Computer Monitoring & Updates

Avoid risk by choosing a Computer Montoring plan from Kiss IT



& updates

Avoid risk by choosing a Computer Montoring plan from Kiss IT
When equipment or network failures occur, the cost to your business can be high. Regular monitoring, diagnostics and updates help keep your business equipment in tip top shape.

Ensure your business technology is safe, secure and operating at peak efficiency with a tailored Computer Monitoring & Maintenance Plan.

System Assessments

Keeping an eye on your IT hardware and being proactive with servicing and maintenance can help eliminate problems before they occur and will ensure your business keeps running smoothly. Our Computer Monitoring Plans take care of all this!

System Audits & Consultancy

Kiss IT specialise in security audits, hardware and software audits and inventory for business.

If you need a comprehensive overview of what your system is, how it is setup, network diagrams, UPS connectivity, software audits or technology planning for maintenance and upgrade, Kiss IT can help.

Scheduled WOF's

Like a WOF for a car, our IT WOF is a check of your current system and network. We use a combination of our technical expertise along with software based reporting and system checks to give you a snapshot of your network performance as frequently as you need us to.

A WOF can help identify any potential issues on your servers and central network equipment, check that your firewall is secure, identify any software that may require an update.

Service Level Agreements

Let us keep everything running smoothly with our extensive selection of Support and Service Level Agreements.

From break/fix block hours to proactive monthly support, our service options can cover every single piece of hardware you have, along with software configurations. Come-when-you-call through to monthly regular servicing, we have a plan suitable for your budget.

What Computer Monitoring & Updates covers

Let Kiss IT keep your business running smoothly by implementing a proactive monthly service plan. Keep software up to date, protect and backup your data, and keep your hardware clean with one of our Computer Monitoring & Updates Plans. 

Hardware Monitoring

Make sure your business hardware is running at optimal performance.

  • Networking equipment maintenance and monitoring.
  • Server maintenance and monitoring of outages and errors
  • NASS (Network Storage Device) updates and maintenance
  • VOIP Phone system upgrades

Software Updates

Kiss IT offer service agreements that include:

  • Software patches and updates
  • Firewall software monitoring and updates
  • Monthly business anti-virus updates to ensure your critical data remains secure and protected

Monthly Backups

Backing up your critical business data regularly is a key part of a good disaster recovery plan. Our team can implement and monitor regular backups for your business.

Whether backups are completed daily, weekly or monthly and stored on a local network device or onto a cloud based storage system your data will be safe, secure and available should a disaster strike.

UPS Batteries

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Batteries are valuable to any sized business. There are options to give your team 10 – 15 minutes of time to shut down their equipment safely in the event of a power outage up to 2 – 3 hour power supply for your printers to continue their large print job or your corporate network remains in operation.

Operating System Support

Whether you have Microsoft , Linux of Apple installed on a server or computer we are able to look after them for you.

Looking to migrate from one operating system to another? No problem. If you want to migrate from Linux to windows, we can help with that also.


Spring Cleaning!

A build up of dirt and dust in your hardware will lead to overheating and is one of the most common reasons for hardware failure. A pro-active approach incorporating a regular cleaning schedule will ensure the best life of your equipment.

Cleaning can be scheduled annually, bi-annually, quarterly or monthly depending on what kind of environment your hardware is operating in.

Need an upgrade?

Keeping an eye on your computer is all very well-and-good.  But watching a lemon isn’t going to make it any sweeter.
Talk to Kiss IT about upgrading your flagging computer or network hardware.

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