Mobile Solutions



Flexibility is key in today’s fast-paced and mobile business. Stay ahead of your competition and keep your team connected with our mobile solutions.

Help keep your staff on-the-go

Whether it is email on their mobile phone or remote access to the office on their laptop or tablet, keep your staff connected wherever they are.

Remote Server & Cloud Access

Having access to your data remotely in today’s world is almost expected for most business’s, Information in the cloud can be easily and securely accessed by your team, talk to Kiss IT about how this can work for your business.

Laptop & Phone Setup

Kiss I.T can setup your Android or iPhone, and laptop for work. With emails, remote access and security such as antivirus and a secure link to the office.

Custom Workstation Design

Whether you need a rugged tablet or laptop for working in rough areas outdoors or you are a truck mechanic and need to give your gear extra protection against knocks. We can assist in the correct solution. Mobile solar changing units are also available to keep your equipment with power.

Remote Workstation Backup

If you keep important information on a computer not at the office but at your home or a staff member works in sales remotely. We have solutions to protect that information. Encrypt it and even backup that data.

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New gear? Old gear? Connection issues?
Whatever your I.T. problem we have the solution! Contact the friendly Kiss IT team today.