Computer Workstations

Custom-built computer workstations for your business mean staff always have the right tools.



Custom-built computer workstations for your business mean staff always have the right tools.

Custom tailored computer workstations installed by Kiss IT get your team running quickly and efficiently.

Computer Workstations for better workflow

The right machine for the job. Tailored to suit your workflow, network and mobile requirements. Whatever you or your business needs.


The speed you need

Kiss IT can supply or custom-build a computer workstation perfect for your needs.  Whether you need a high-end computer to run specialist software, simple office PC, laptop or grunty gaming computer. We take the time to understand your requirements to ensure the best solution for you.

We also factor in your budget as well as future-proofing your PC for later upgrades or warranty support.

Designed for your applications

Are you running specialist software on your PC? Our knowledgeable team will investigate your software before making recommendations. We’ll ensure your new machines meet your software requirements.

This way we can tune your computer configuration to run your software at peak performance.

A PC that is optimally configured will ensure a faster and smoother workflow for your team.

No expensive surplus features

Everything you need and nothing you don’t. We won’t try to sell you something you simply won’t use.

Our client’s budgets and specific requirements are our top priority.

We thoroughly research what performance your computer will need before making our recommendation to you.

Optomised for your network

Are you experiencing bottlenecks in your network?

Is data transfer between computers or storage system slow and unreliable?

These problems are often from a number of causes, hence our team work to isolate and identify these issues. We can upgrade equipment and cabling to ensure your network is functioning efficiently.

Tailor by role

Just like your office team has different roles, so too do your workstations.

While you need fast processing power and plenty of memory for your CAD design team, conversely, your office admin team may not need such high end functionality. Kiss IT research, recommend and build your computer workstations to suit the processing demands of each role.

Ongoing Support

Once your new computer workstation is installed, we don’t just leave you hanging.

We offer scheduled maintenance services, performance monitoring, software updates, backups as part of our support agreements.

Whatever you need to ensure your computers and networks are performing for your business.

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