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Ransomware is on the increase.  Contact Kiss IT about Internet Security.



Ransomware is on the increase.  Contact Kiss IT about Internet Security.

There has been a 363% rise, globally, in malicious attacks especially those involving “Ransomware”.  Businesses need to take Internet Security seriously to help ensure they don’t come under attack.

About Internet Security threats

With the entire world being connected via the internet, it’s now easier than ever to be affected by some form of malicious software both at home and at the office.

What are they?

Internet Security threats covers all manner of software programmes, scams, phishing and hacking activities designed to infect your computer or network.

The goal of these attacks is to exploit information stored on your system for some sort of gain, usually financial, whether it’s a matter of forcing you to pay for a service (Ransomware) or stealing data that lets them access your bank funds.

Due to Internet Security software, and the ongoing education of users, hackers and malicious software creators are continually improving their programmes and methods of exploitation.


Internet Security.  Contact Kiss IT about protection.

How are they caught?

There are several ways to inadvertently download/install malicious software onto your system.  The most common are via a link included in a fraudulent email or online through a fake advertisement or website banner. 

The quality and subtlety of the fake emails and adverts is improving, making it easier for unwary users to click things that appear “legitimate”.


How do they spread?

Aside from the fraudulent websites and online adverts, Malicious software is often designed to attach itself to (or create its own) outgoing emails. 

An infected computer can  infect many other computers by sending itself to people on the contact list.  As recipients recognise the senders email address there is a higher chance they will click on the included link and become infected themselves.

Types of Malicious Software

Many types of malicious software is designed to go undetected.  You may not even know you are infected – unless it actively locks you out of your own computer!


Malware, or “Malicious Software” covers a wide range of programmes designed to exploit users or their data. These include things such as keystroke-loggers, which search for repetitive combinations of keystrokes which may denote a password.

Simple programmes like these gather information from an infected computer and deliver the results to hackers for them to use in order to gain access to secure system, bank account records and more.

Once inside a hacker may be able to steal sensitive information to sell, steal money from bank accounts, even steal your identity!

Without proper safeguards in place, it is very easy for a user to not even realise their system is infected.


Ransomware is a form of Malware with one very specific and very damaging goal: to gain control of your system and lock you out. The only way you can regain access to your system is to pay the hacker the “Ransom” fee they are demanding.

Ransomware can be particularly traumatic for the user, not only for the financial impact of having to pay, but also because there is no guarantee their system will be unlocked or not locked again.

The cost to businesses can be even greater as there is the possibility that the ransomware may replicate itself across many computers on a shared network, thereby multiplying the number of ransoms to be paid.

Unlike other Malware, Ransomware makes itself known so you quickly become aware of the infection.

Protect yourself with Kiss IT

Protect your computers and office network with the latest anti-virus software.
Safeguard yourself from Malware and Ransomware attacks.

Windows/OS Updates

One of the easiest first-steps towards protecting yourself is to ensure your computers have the most up-to-date versions of Windows (or whatever your operating system is).

We can install operating system upgrades and even provide ongoing updates and support as part of a monitoring package.

Anti-Virus/Malware Software

Good anti-virus software is the next step towards protection from online threats.  Anti-virus software needs to be regularly updated to ensure is the most current list of threat detection data.

Kiss IT can install anti-virus software, keep it updated, monitor your systems for threats and even take steps to remove malicious software

Data Backups

Having multiple copies of your data is a step often overlooked by users as a way to combat the effects of malware or ransomware attack.  Multiple backups ensure you have an infection-free version of all your data you can still access.  Plus it makes it easier for Kiss IT to reinstall your data on a freshly cleaned computer.

Talk to us about backup options.

Good online practices:

  • Don’t click links in emails you don’t recognise.
  • Be wary of poorly written emails, even those from people you know.
  • Be wary of bank or official-looking emails you weren’t expecting.
  • If in doubt – delete the email!
  • Don’t visit websites that your browser warns you about.
  • Don’t click adverts or links on websites unless you know what it is for.
  • Don’t click on offers that seem “too good to be true”.
  • If in doubt – close the website!

Keep it running smoothly

Once your upgraded and repaired system is running smoothly, you want to keeep it that way.
Check out our Monthly Monitoring & Update services – it’s like having a babysitter for your computer!

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