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Installing a server into your network will help to improve office performance, decrease document errors, increase flexibility, while giving you a greater level of security and data protection.

Why you need a local storage solution

Secure, efficient, data storage and handling. A local server gives you flexibility and efficiency for your team to ensure they have access to the correct data they need, regardless of where they are working from.

Multi-User Access

Ensure everyone has access to the same centrally stored live data. With a server, you can control who has access to your data, and how much access they have. Using a two-factor authentication with secure passwords ensures your data remains secure and protection.

A local server also allows for remote access for your team to work flexibly out of the office.

If you have specific software that requires multiple users to access it, such as an accounting package, Kiss IT can help integrate it into your server to ensure you are getting the most out of your software.


Local Computer Backups

Regular computer backups are critical to protect your data. How devastating would it be if you could not access any of the information on your computer one day due to a hard drive failure?

To help avoid costly data recovery fees, we cannot stress enough how important regular backups are.

There are multiple ways Kiss IT can help you backup your information, including automated backups, realtime monitoring, backups that can be stored within your server or backups stored externally over the internet.

Centralised Files

Tired of emailing documents to other people in your office to collaborate on? Have you had documents with errors because you team were not all working on the latest version of a document?

A server provides a centralised local storage system for all of your data. Ensure that your team has access to the correct information and most current document versions to ensure they work as efficiently as possible.

Whether you want all of your data stored locally inside your office, stored on the cloud, or a hybrid situation of both, we can implement a system that will best suit your needs.


Optimised for your network

Kiss IT can investigate and maximise the speed of your computers and network/internet. Weather that is to fix a slow wireless network, internet or data transfer to and from a storage device.
It is not always physical cabling that might be slow. It may well be the configuration of a key computer.

User Control

Kiss IT can provide you with full control of all the users on your network, if you need to add a new staff members or remove a previous staff member and assign certain people with particular permissions on your network, we can assist with this.

Remote Access

One of the most handiest features of having a server or central storage in your business is the ability to remote into the office while you’re not in the office to update documents on the fly, Kiss IT can help enable this for your business and streamline processes to improve staff efficiency when working remotely.

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