Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Contact Kiss IT for all Computer Repairs & Upgrades.



& Upgrades

Contact Kiss IT for all Computer Repairs & Upgrades.
If you need computer repairs or replacements, the certified Kiss IT team can ensure your equipment is repaired and operational as quickly as possible to minimise office down-time.

Computer Repairs & Upgrade Solutions

Repair or upgrade your equipment, protect your computers with the latest anti-virus software or upgrade your network to ensure your data transfers are as quick as possible.

Computer Repairs

Computers are important tools for most businesses and can fail due to faulty/damaged parts or out-of-date hardware.  We offer repair services for PC’s, Mac’s, Servers, NAS units and more.

Laptop Repairs

Due to their portable nature laptops are at high risk for fall damage and liquid spills. We also repair faulty hardware and upgrade parts like batteries, memory and storage.

iPhone & iPad Repairs

Kiss I.T supplies and installs replacement parts for both Apple iPhones and iPads. We take care of faulty or damaged internal or external parts so bring us your cracked device screen or any other issues.

Network Hardware Upgrades

Slow networks are often the result of the wrong router/modem, switch unit or even cables being used.  We can assess and upgrade your network hardware so everything is working at peak connectivity.


Kiss IT works with a variety of anti-virus products, from ESET, Trend Micro through to McAfee.  We have you covered whether you need a home user version or a business anti-virus solution with cloud based control.


Data Recovery

If your critical data is on a failing or failed hard drive, contact us before you write it off.  In most cases we are able to recover much of the data and transfer it to another computer or device.

Keep it running smoothly

Once your upgraded and repaired system is running smoothly, you want to keeep it that way.
Check out our Monthly Monitoring & Update services – it’s like having a babysitter for your computer!

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New gear? Old gear? Connection issues?
Whatever your I.T. problem we have the solution! Contact the friendly Kiss IT team today.