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Fix all your computing hassles with computer solutions from Kiss IT



Fix all your computing hassles with computer solutions from Kiss IT

Poorly performing computers, outdated data management and a lack of mobile access can seriously impact on the performance of your business. Talk to Kiss IT about a custom tailored IT solution for your business!

Hardware Solutions

Whether you need a new computer or laptop, or a new networked local storage system. We have the flexible and practical computer solutions to suit your requirements.

Custom-Built Computer Workstations

Your computer, your way. Whether you need another office PC, a laptop or a high-end PC able to run specialist software, our technical experts can build one for you.

Custom tailored workstations installed by Kiss IT will allow your new team member to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Servers & Local Network Storage

Ensure all of your files are stored securely with protected access for your team. Increase office performance and decrease risk of errors or document double ups by ensuring your team all have access to the same data.

With secure, efficient storage and handling, a local server gives you flexibility and efficiency to your team to ensure they have access to the data they need, regardless of where they are working from.

Cloud Solutions

Flexible and secure options for data storage and off-site backups, take advantage of the cloud with these internet-based business solutions.

Cloud Storage and Offsite Backups

A cloud based storage solution gives you a flexible off-site data storage solution to protect your critical data. The information stored there can be easily and securely accessed by your team regardless of their location.

Complete regular off-site backups to a cloud network ensures your data is protected and easy to recover in the event of a disaster.

Cloud-based Software

Kiss IT can supply and install cloud based business software such as:

  • Cloud software and storage solutions
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Hosted exchange
  • Microsoft Azure
  • One Drive
  • Google Suite & Google Drive
  • Amazon cloud services

Connection Solutions

Connect your team with customisable wireless network options and ensure they stay connected while outside the office with secure remote access.

Remote Staff and Mobile Devices

Keep your team connected wherever they are. 

Kiss IT can setup laptops, tablets and mobile phones for work including emails, remote access, backups and security.

Wireless Networks

Kiss IT can custom design and install an adaptable and scaleable Wireless Network solution perfect for your business. 

Whether you have a small business or building through to a large college campus, commercial project or hotel, our team can customise a Wireless Network system to get everyone connected. 

We can also supply the tools to allow to manage your network in-house.

Software Solutions

Kiss It offer a range of specialist programs as well as security solutions for your computers, network and remote access requirements.

Software Programmes

Talk to us if you are looking for specialised software for your business. With leading brand and industry specific titles (we have access to over 1,000 titles), we can supply and install what you need, from accounting to graphic design packages and everything in between. 

Consider also one of our maintenance packages to ensure your programmes are checked and updated regularly to help keep them secure and functioning.


Keeping your data secure and providing safe access to it is critical.  Kiss IT can encrypt your devices, protect your internet connection and ensure your company firewall is secure and up to date.  We can supply and install software on your computers and devices to help protect against ransomware, malware and hacking.

Keep your sensitive company intellectual property safe while you travel internationally or access your business from another country.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We don’t just sell you a computer or network and leave you hanging.  Kiss IT can assist with installing and setting up your new hardware and we can provide ongoing support.

Our support agreements cover everything from daily monitoring of equipment, software and backups through to annual servicing of equipment.

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